Art For a lifetime

Art that is etched for time & eternity

Art that is inspired by our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and deep etched in our hearts and brass plates with messages to our soul that will last for eternity


What do

Gods Love

Etchings representing the Love of God, and how He is in the detail of our lives


Etchings inspired by our mortal families life journey, feelings and achievements


Etchings encapsulating the wonder of Gods creation in all its form and glory

Special Places

Etchings of special places of sacred and emotional significance

What we do

Hand Etched & Painted Unique Art

All etchings are original designs that a created with a focus on deep Christian ideals of charity (the pure love of Christ), faith and hope.  We deep etch your chosen design into brass, because for us it is symbolic of how ancient prophets etched the word of God in to metal plates, and that we are etching our feelings deep in to the art, in the hope that the message, and art will last for eternity.