Art For a lifetime

Art that is etched for time & eternity

Art that is inspired by our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and deeply etched in our hearts, and the brass plates with messages that are engraved into our souls too last for eternity.

Free Shipping on all UK orders over £100 and international orders over £150. Spread the Costs over 6 monthly instalments.

The Creation

It starts with an idea, normally after some morning scripture study, or a walk though the hills. That idea, after many attempts, develops in to a picture we love. Then we deeply etched the brass plate, which in it self has a ancient feel, a metal that has been used though the ages to create beautiful things, and record the word of God. Etching into brass seems to represent to us a feeling of eternity and commitment, as once etched its indelibly marked in to both our hearts and the brass itself. After the etching is completed it is hand painted and then finished by sanding, filing and lacquering the brass to preserve the colours for a lifetime.


Art etched in to our soul

Handmade etchings that can be purchased in a variety of sizes and finishes. You may personalise the etching with different painted finish or add a personalised message, perfect for a present or memorial. If you do not see a picture that you want, please contact us and request a commissioned art work.


Art etchings are perfect as they are timeless and display in a picture whats may take a 1000 words to say


Wedding or anniversary etchings symbolising how love lasts for for time and eternity

Decor & Presents

Art to brighten up your home or symbolise your friendship and love for those close to you

What we do

Hand Etched & Painted Unique Art

All etchings are original designs that a created with a focus on deep Christian ideals of charity (the pure love of Christ), faith and hope.  We deep etch your chosen design into brass, because for us it is symbolic of how ancient prophets etched the word of God in to metal plates, and that we are etching our feelings deep in to the art, in the hope that the message, and art will last for eternity.