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The Etching

It starts with an idea, normally after some morning scripture study, or a walk though the hills. That idea, after many attempts, develops in to a picture we love. Then we deep etch our design in to a brass plate, which in it self has a ancient feel, a metal that has been used though the ages to create beautiful things and record the word of God. Etching in to brass seems to represent to us a feeling of eternity and commitment, as once etched its indelibly marked in to both our hearts and the brass itself. After the etching is completed it is hand painted and then finished by sanding, filing and lacquering the brass to preserve the colours for a lifetime.     


The Choice is Yours

Free Standing

Available in Small and Medium sizes. Set on a solid oak block. Choose an optional personalised message engraved on the base


Available in all sizes. Set in a solid oak frame, ready to hang on the wall. Choose an optional personalised message engraved on the base

Ready to Mount

Available in all sizes. Just the etching, for you to choose how to display. Unfortunately no personalised message is available


Just for You

For both the free standing and mounted etchings you may commission a small engraving on a anodised aluminium plaque. This is perfect for a personalised message for a special gift, or a plaque of membrance for a departed loved one.


For You


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Select your etching, style and add an optional personalised message

We Make It

All etchings are hand made to order and take about 5-7 days to complete


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Shipped to you as soon as it is finished by 1st class post