Hand Painted & Etched Art

Contact us, for commissioned etchings

If you do not see the picture that you want in our gallery, and want a specific picture designed, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements. Please be aware that due to the etching method we may not be able to design the picture the way that you want. 

“I ordered a couple of brass plates a few years ago and the workmanship and quality is absolutely outstanding and an absolute invaluable keepsake. Even though I have had them a couple of years now they look just as beautiful and shiny as the day I got them”

Joleen McGinley

“I love this etching as my father gave to me as a gift for my seminary graduation of the scripture proverbs 3. As a young women, the words touch me, as I try to perfect myself each day to be a virtuous women and there have been days I looked at my gift and it has given me peace. This etch not only holds sentimental value but is presented beautifully.”

Charlotte Perris

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Amanda Klein